The Children’s Garden, like all similar 501(c)3 not-for-profit pre-schools, relies totally on tuition and fees and charitable donations for revenue to operate.  Our two fundraising activities are an annual fund and a mini golf event.

Plant a Seed … Watch It Grow


Plant a Seed … Watch It Grow was initiated in 2002 as an annual campaign to help fund the expenses that are not covered by tuition, which is about $500 per student.  In the first five years, more than $109,000 in donations to Plant a Seed funded initial start-up and expansion costs, the costs of increased benefits for our staff, and the funding of the enhancement of our outdoor learning environment.

Mini Golf Classic


The purpose of The Children’s Garden Mini Golf Classic is twofold.  One is to have fun with family and friends.  The other purpose is to help fund various enhancements to the school program such as the expansion of the outdoor learning environment.